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Why you need to know your domain assets

Your namespace is a virtual representation of your organisation, so it’s important to know what your online estate looks like. We can help you to find your DNS’s subdomains, even when you don’t know that they’re there. We’ll make sure that you find out about them before the bad guys do.

It’s like keeping track of your equipment and your inventory, except that your domain is public-facing and much more vulnerable to attack. It’s not something that’s nice to have; it’s business-critical.

Using Domain Discovery to get to know more about your DNS and its subdomains just makes sense. You can also set up alerts, check out the competition and get a better idea of what your agencies and suppliers are doing on your behalf. We’ll provide you with the data you need to dig a little deeper and to ensure that all of your digital assets are performing as they should be.


Asset management

Many organisations have thousands of domain names in their namespace, often with no lifecycle management in place. This represents a significant risk because domains can keep pointing to suppliers and services after they’ve been decommissioned, making them vulnerable to attacks. Do you know what domain names your developers and suppliers have configured inside your namespace and where they point?



Keep on top of your domains to avoid domain hijacking, which can be catastrophic for your brand and its users. Domain hijacking is the process in which people change the configuration or registration of a domain name without its owner’s permission. This is often done by exploiting configuration errors or by abusing privileges at domain registrars or hosting providers.


Vulnerability scanning

Know what your domains point to before the bad guys do. You can use vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools to probe endpoints inside your namespace after discovering subdomains through Domain Discovery. The goal is to identify issues and vulnerabilities and correct them before the bad guys get a chance to find them.


Lifecycle management

You need to know which domains are in your namespace before you can review them and decide if they’re still in use. You’ll want to ensure that domain name managers in your namespace responsibly decommission your domains when they’re no longer needed. Poor domain lifecycle management is often the root cause of critical domain vulnerabilities.


The solution starts with knowing what you have

We specialise in discovering new domains and subdomains, and we actively track them to find more as and when they’re added. We’re all about creating the most complete and up-to-date inventory of domains on the internet so our customers can take things further with endpoint vulnerability scanning and other tools of their choice.

Our customers often use the domain name data we provide to work with other suppliers, such as:

Cyber-security companies

They can help you to scan the endpoints we identify and understand what’s being leaked online by development sites and forgotten domains. We often see new product and project names pop up in namespaces belonging to large organisations, indicating what they’re developing or launching next. They can also help you to identify vulnerabilities with your software and systems. If you need any recommendations for cyber security providers to help you to scan your namespace, feel free to contact us.

Inventory specialists

They can take the information that we provide and identify the owners, managers and third party suppliers of your subdomains so that you know who’s responsible for every subdomain. Please contact us to find out which domain inventory specialists we recommend.


Domain Discovery Notifications

We make sure that you have full visibility over the domain names that your various teams and suppliers are creating. You can set up Domain Discovery notifications so that you’re informed as soon as we identify a new subdomain for your organisation. You can then take the information we provide you with to keep a closer eye on what your employees are doing and to shut down any unnecessary domains and subdomains before they open you up to threats, leaks and other problems.


How it Works

We specialise in finding domains and provide you with a list of domains that are discoverable online. This can include active subdomains, internal domains that aren’t available to the public and domains that have resulted from typos and other errors. You’re likely to find domains that aren’t active and may never have been. We give you everything that we find, and then you can decide if they’re of interest.

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